【New Arrival x Emulsifying machinery】

We've launched a new product!✨

This machine can be used to homogenize meat, vegetarian food, cheese, salad dressing, etc, and it design is simple,

durable and accurate to make the product more detailed, stable and good quality, so as to greatly increase customer's profits.

🌟Let us introduce this emulsifying machinery🌟

📍Double pot equipment that can use ice water or steam to achieve water insulation to cooling and heating functions according to the products.

📍It can be equipped with a vacuum device.

📍It is floor-standing, and it's easy to pour materials manually.

📍Batch production, spend less time and efficient.

📍The quality of the product is stable.

📍The cutting knife of this machine can be quickly removed to make the operating feeding safer and make it cleaner.

📍There is no need opening the lid during the production process, and it can add liquid fillers at any time.

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