Artificial Crab Meat

Artificial Crab Meat

Over the years the Tran Chuang is committed to creating mechanical study of aquatic food processing machinery.
Manufacture a range of more innovative and fresh , delicious and diversified products from fish paste thin refining 
shaping , coloring , cutting , packaging and other automatic continuous production line  with 
breaded , wrapped in paste , fried to golden scallop cakes , and other manufacturing Gourmet food.

Various design and combinations to choose


Product diversity, such as scallop flavor. Lobster stick. Shrimp flavor, etc.

Mechanical fibers offer a variety of cutting methods, such as beveled fibers, short fibers, and V-shaped chamfers.

Fully automatic continuous production line, saving time and effort

Easy to use and easy to understand operation interface

Cutting method

Pictures of finished


Production process

Performance film

Crab stick


Stand-alone device

Pine leaf crab

Lobster stick

Ball Cutter
Surimi Feeder
Molding Machine and Drum Steamer
Cooling Conveyor
Thin-Cutting Bundling Machine
Coloring Machine
Inner Wraping and Cutting Machine
Press & Joint machine
Diagonak Cutting machine
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