Surimi Machine Series

Automatic Stick Arraying System

Automatic crab flavor roubang fiber equipment. With a full rangs of design options to provide variety.Roubang crab was generally related products in recent years become a popular delicacy.

Stirring machine

Also known as beating, mixing, pulp machine.Mainly used for mixing fish pulp, meat, for the production of pork balls, meat pill production pre-operation.

According to the different product process to adjust the beating speed, direction, to mix the slurry object. The whole made of stainless steel, both durable and health and safety.

乳化機 (4).png
Pulp feeder(push type / stator type)

It can transport well-stirred batter to the next processing machine, like forming machine or batter coating machine, in order to connect machines with the production line to make its be more complete and automatic.