Soymilk manufacturing equipment series

Soy-milk grinding machine equip with an open-style grinding stone set. So it is easily to clean and no any residuals can stay there. It needs only few minute to wash to meet the hygienic requirements.

Faster and more efficient than traditional bean dregs filter, it can effectively increase the yield of soy milk, quiet operation, no noise

Processing by Liquid-in squeeze-type filter can avoid soy-milk produce the film to postpone the effective working time.To halve the bean residual, Increasing water content up to 67~73% and concentration up 1~2 degree. Higher yield of soy-milk.

The foreign materials such as grass, sands, small stone etc, can be separated and removed to increase the quality of soy-milk.

The processing is simple and automatic can operated by one operator.  Circulating washing the cooking clave and grinder in same time, constructed with hygiene piping accessories, no residual, easy cleaning to meet sanitation standard.

This machine uses soy milk to quantitatively mix steam, and uses a closed type specially designed to generate eddy current to completely boil the soymilk.

Open style cooking. Easily removed bean-smell and make the flavor of soy-milk better.

The vacuum state can effectively shorten the cooking time of soy milk, save energy and reduce production costs and increase profits.