Twin-forming (Rationing)


High yield product and specifications tidy

Fill stuffing quantitative setting, stuffing all the same size and will not interrupt the supply generated in the air.

Product diversification

The size of the product length can be self-adjustable, easy to operate, to change not

the same effect.

Safe, healthy and beautiful design

Ministries of the machine parts are made of food grade stainless steel, food-grade sanitary fittings (body surface of special treatment, the food grade specifications)
Produced in accordance with food hygiene standards.

Motor use inverter control

Host of imported high-efficiency motor and inverter can be adjusted with the speed of product volume requirements.

Transmission with control

When the transmission shift direction with accidentally, machinery automatically adjusts back to its original position, and can control the speed of delivery.

Work flow



Cut off


Pictures of finished


Model improvement

Performance film