Automatically System for Coagulating and Compression Molding Machine



Health concept

The solidification molding system can easily remove the solidification barrel for easy cleaning and the tofu molding adopts automatic positioning and automatic dicing to isolate the pollution caused by personnel contact.

Reduce personnel costs

The entire process operation requires only two operators to improve the traditional and time-consuming workflow.

Easy operation

The quality of the tofu product depends on the coagulation. The timing of the coagulant addition and the stirring speed can be adjusted freely so that the soymilk and the coagulant are thoroughly mixed.

Excellence and efficiency

From the quantitative heating of soymilk, adding coagulant, coagulation and breaking into the box molding, dewatering press and tofu dicing, it is completely automatic and continuous, easy to achieve uniform product quality, automatic continuous solidification. 


Pictures of finished


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.