Quantitative forming machine series

Twin- forming(Rationing)

Fill stuffing quantitative setting, stuffing all the same size and will not interrupt the supply generated in the air.The size of the product length can be self-adjustable, easy to operate, to change not the same effect.

Forming Machine

The former is a continuous forming molding machine for the forming of a larger variety of different meat , fish, potato and similar products . Furthermore, almost any combination of ingredients can be used, which makes this machine highly flexible .

Omelet forming machine

Automated processing, reducing human exposure to bacteria, cleaner and precise control of product size, weight and quality.

Roller forming machine

It can easily replace different molds to change the product shape, accurately control the weight of the product, save the production time cost, can be used for almost all mixed ingredients, and can continuously form seafood, meat, starch and other ingredients.

Quantitative Filling Machine

Various containers, from low-viscosity liquids to high-concentration foods and cosmetics, are easy to operate, simple to maintain, and have few residues and high activity.