Jet Tunnel Ovens



According to product demand, adjust the conveyor conveyor speed

Conveyor belt through the gear reducer, can freely adjust the product in the oven within the travel speed, the rate from 3 minutes to 30 minutes.

Continuous hot air circulation system

Built-in blower device, through the upper and lower two blower channel, high pressure hot air continues to blow out, The use of hot air recycling cycle heating technology.

Electronic board clearly shows the time and temperature, adjust the different temperature baking a variety of products.

Uselage set up open window, you can always view the product baking situation, adjust the time.

The products can be baked one after the other, can be mass produced, and reduce manpower.

Can be used for low temperature 80 ° C - high temperature 300 ° C baking.

Vapor locks the moisture of the food and maintains a juicy taste.

Baking at the same temperature can change the baking time through different speed conveyor belts on both sides.


Work flow


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