Smoke House



Operates easily

The kneading board micro electricity chip makes the control, by Chinese liquid crystal display, 99 groups operates the hypothesis memory Each group may carry out 90 steps, the user facilitates the operation hypothesis.

Truly realizes one machine multi-purpose

The smoking room may use in hotly to smoke, Leng Hsun, to steam, bakes, the intermittent type smokes roasts, dry, Cooling and so on multi-purpose.

The energy saves

Heats up the energy use electricity heat pipe or the vapor way heats up, obtains the sufficient share in the system to cause With, reduces the energy expense, provides according to the demand ideally heats up the way.

Best smoking effect

The smoke introduction machine may use the friction and the electric heating way, all does not produce regarding these two kind of systems has Harms the matter, also has the nature smoking fragrance to increase makes the smoking color which one drools.


Pictures of finished


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.


Performance film