Steaming or Tunnel Oven Machine Series

Smoke House

The kneading board micro electricity chip makes the control, by Chinese liquid crystal display, 99 groups operates the hypothesis memory Each group may carry out 90 steps, the user facilitates the operation hypothesis.

Jet Tunnel Ovens

Built-in fan and gas burner, the use of a unique upper and lower jet hot air circulation system, the heating rate of three times the traditional oven, the product crisp, energy saving, baking more uniform, while maintaining a low working temperature

Applicable to Chinese and Western restaurants, food factory, you can bake PIZZA, chicken wings, string, egg tower .

小型燒烤機 (4) (1).png
Automatic Continuous Steamer Machine

The automated continual way production, enhances the productivity.This installment use network hole conveyor belt, good ventilates the nature to accumulate the water drop with great difficulty, product various spots even being heated.