Automatic Batter and Breading Lines

Unique and flexible ideas.

The formulation of the batter mix is critical both in mixing ratio and temperature. A basic batch mixer is suitable for small production requirements. However, automatic temperature and viscosity controlled equipment is necessary to maintain product quality and costs on larger industrial scales. Controls must be in place to achieve consistent, high quality products with a minimum of waste.

Various design and combinations to choose


On generally uses binds the powder machine, can use any type the powder and the bread filings cannot , be separated from.

Binds the thick liquid function to be suitable in the high viscosity thick liquid class, the waterfall type binds the thick liquid machine, may cause the product evenly to attach.

The inverter controls the conveyor speed, the spacing between the upper and lower mesh belts and multiple parts can be adjusted to effectively control the amount of powder/slurry.

The whole machine adopt stainless steel, meet the domestic health-level security quality, easy to clean easy to maintain.

Work flow

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Performance film

Stand-alone device

Top Suberger
Predust machine
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