Deep-frying system

Clean,Efficient,High-capacity Frying!

the unique design of gentle flowing into the port, effectively filtering undesirable material Precise temperature control.

Maintaining a uniform oil flow and temperature allows the fryer to blow out even and highest quality products. It also provides multi-zone temperature control to meet specific product needs.

Various design and combinations to choose


At the end of the operation, the body can be raised electrically, and the conveyor belt can be easily cleaned to avoid cleaning problems.

It reduces the oil consumption by 25-45% compared with the direct heating under the general furnace body and provides a continuous over-twisting machine to quickly maintain the oil quality.

The oil temperature can be used for temperature changes between the inlet and outlet of the product through external heating, and multiple heating zones can be provided to provide precise temperature control.

All machines are all stainless steel, in line with domestic food safety regulation.

Work flow

Pictures of finished 


Performance film

Stand-alone device

Super Filtration
Coil Type Heat Exchanger
Deep frying fryer
Continuous filter
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