Chuang Mei Industrial

Engineering expert for customizing machinery for food

Focusing on food processing machinery, it is widely used

in food, beverage, wine making and other fields, we use professional technology to research and development to produce food processing machine, high product safety, more efficient, easy to operate. We break the unstable factors of traditional human production on consistency and efficiency; make our machines more hygienic, tidy, fresh and aesthetic. In this ever-changing era, customers will pursue new food processing needs to meet the needs of the consumer. We believe in this mission as research and development, in addition to the "ADVANCEDNESS", "PRODUCTIVITY" of the machine itself and the machine itself.  In addition to the three points of "VALUE", it is also indispensable for environmental issues such as "ENERGY SAVING" and "PROVINCIAL RESOURCES". Accumulate years of expertise and development capabilities in the design and construction of food production equipment to meet the various needs of customers. With professional knowledge and technology, we will work with you to a new era of food processing.

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