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Food conditioning processing series

Since its establishment, Chuangmei has been focusing on food processing and processing, meeting the needs of each customer in this ever-changing era, researching and developing high-performance models, and improving the processing method of product exquisiteness. The concept of “health” and “friendly environment” We also don’t forget to consider the considerations and design points of the production equipment, break the rigid and not nutritious stereotypes of the processed foods, and make the most complete process design for different ingredients and different conditioning methods. Reduce human resources and increase efficiency to produce higher quality equipment.

Soybean products processing series

Chuang mei combines traditional and modern concepts and techniques into the machinery of bean products. In the long river of history, bean products have always been an indispensable food in the public life. Today, the trend of health and wellness is on the rise, and the high protein of legume products is more It is the best choice to replace animal protein. It creates a series of bean-related machinery, which can design a complete process for customers. No matter from raw bean impregnation, refining to all kinds of bean food production and packaging, it can be completed in one step.

Origin of Chuang Mei 

In today's era of technology and technology, food processing has become an important part of it. Food processing can improve the nutrition, value, storage and convenience of food, thereby improving the living habits of Chinese people, improving the convenience and convenience of food, and responding to the demands of a wide range of modern, busy and modern nutritional needs. The concept of health that can not be ignored in the food processing process, we put into consideration and design, break the stereotype of processing food to give people a rough but not nutritious, we bring out new healthy thinking, fast does not mean casual, conditioning does not mean not fresh We require that the length of time and the manipulation of the conditioner must be consistent with traditional hand-made. For the different ingredients, different conditioning methods, and the most complete process design, not only the taste is quite delicious, but also the production is quite simple and easy to understand. Reduced manpower waste, efficient production process, and high quality food production.

We combine traditional and modern concepts and technologies. The traditional requirements combined with the modern needs have produced the conditioning machines we designed. Keeping the deliciousness of each ingredient itself is another consideration and focus. The ingredients are kept fresh. The handling and time control is very important. This is the key to the fresh preservation and nutrients of the food. Therefore, the ingredients are used in the shortest time to use the conditioning method to achieve deliciousness and preservation, and the nutritional value is also improved. This is the modern food conditioning processing. The standard, the preservation of food is bound to be important, but the health of consumers is the responsibility of the manufacturer. We require that the most humanized conditioning machine be designed and manufactured in the best and most rigorous process.

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